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want so so so badly
x Light pollution will eventually be the cause of the extinction of the behavior of wolves howling at new moons.
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Bears for Biodiversity - ART BY TAYLOR SWOPE 

Happy Earth Day <3
x Can’t stop the flood when it comes
Can’t stop the flow til it’s done


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros-Remember to Remember

We belong to the water
We belong to the air
We belong where there is love
Just remember this; you don’t walk alone.


When I was a young girl, I had no fear asking a boy if he wanted to go out, because if he said no, I could just say, “good, me neither!”

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The more a person realizes the true state of his existence, the less they are deluded. The more fully they understand themselves and their surroundings, the better they can command them, until, becoming an Adept, they can pass into another state of existence, in which they realize a new order of things and a new variety of sensations, as real to them as the physical ones they experienced during the objective life of the animal only.
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reunion with my beautiful man. 22
x Brother
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Such a beautiful man

i just got insta-wet