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Autumn’s tear I on Flickr.

I love the way you play a song that tells me how you feel when you can’t say it yourself.


I no longer want to spend time with people who do no good for me. Who do not help me grow. Who are limited in their being and thus do not contain enough to build others up. Or be built up by others. I do not want to go to parties and pretend to enjoy the hosts misogynistic tendencies. Free drinks and free touches on the bum. I want to ride my bike and cry because I am growing up and it is beautiful and scary and there are so many people in this world I want to meet and none of them are going to be at that party. They are going to be sitting under a tree somewhere or learning a skill or putting themselves out there clear minded and crossing over. I am not stuck. Before every true transformation I feel a plateau and that plateau occurred and this is the transformation I saw coming. It is devastatingly beautiful like a crescent moon dissipating behind the fog. I jumped in front of the change train and sent myself into a new world.

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My jacket

no podés violar a un treintayocho. pum pum. autodefensa


I’m this kind of sad today. 


Soulless and cold,
The swamp wants you not.
No man trails are made
For the heathens to romp,
But the sirens sing
Such a beauteous key.
They cry in perfect pitch,
“Help me, let me free.”
You must stomp
High above the marshy ground
Just to near
The trappings of sound.
Unwelcoming it remains-
The territory
But the sirens bring you in
Until you can see.
And just as unwelcoming
The bayou is to enter,
It helps you not
When you’re running from the center
For you will surely want to depart
When you release from the spell
Of the tune in the heart.